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Lighting Rental

Lighting Rental

Lighting creates atmosphere. From conferences to live music events we have a huge range of lighting equipment available.

Lighting for Small to Medium Size Conferences.

Conference Lighting 1

Lighting Control

1 Desk, Jands, Stage CL Compact 12ch.
2 Dimmer, Zero88, Alpha Pack, 3ch x 6.3A (15A out).

Lighting Generic

4 Fresnel, Acclaim 650W Lantern.
4 Profile, ETC Source Four Junior Zoom 25/50 (575W).

Lighting Intelligent and FX

12 Chauvet, Colorado, 72 Tour, LED Batten

Image Jands Stage Contoler
image generic light
ETC Source Four Junior Zoom
Image Colorado-Batten-72
Intelligent Lights Colorado-Batten-72
image Acclaim-Fresnel-650w

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Lighting rigs for all events, from conferences to large stadia live music events are available.