Live Music PA Rental

A PA can be configured for live music events of all sizes. We work with your budget, using the latest technology from leading industry brands, to ensure top quality audio for your event.

PA for Live Music Events

Band PA1

Mixing Desk

1 Yamaha QL1


2 d&b P1200A C7top/C7sub Amplifier
2 d&b D12 Amplifier (v2.32)


2 d&b C7 top loudspeaker – c/w cover (EP5)
4 d&b C7 sub loudspeaker – c/w cover (EP5)
2 Pair, d&b M4 Monitor loudspeakers (NL4).

Mics & DI boxes

1 24 Channel Mic/DI Kit..
1 Production Case & Set of Mic Stands.
2 Audio Technica 3528 mic c/w clip
1 Audio Technica 3031 mic c/w clip
2 Audio Technica 4033 mic c/w clip
1 Briefcase, Large (Mic Kit Case)
2 Shure SM58 mic c/w clip
2 Shure SM57 mic c/w clip
1 Shure SM86 mic c/w clip
4 Shure Beta 58 mic c/w clip
2 Shure Beta 57 mic c/w clip
1 Shure Beta 52A mic c/w clip
1 Shure Beta 91 mic.
3 Shure Beta 98 mic & Drum Mount.
5 DI Box, Radial ProDI (1ch) passive
1 DI Box, Radial ProD2 (2ch) passive
1 DI Box, Radial ProAV2 (2ch) passive

Signal Distribution

1 Yamaha, Rio 3224-D Stagebox (v3.11)

image yamaha QL1 mixer
yamaha QL1
image db-P1200 amplifier
2 x db-P1200 Amplifier
image db-C7-Top
2 x db-C7-Top Speakers
image Audio-Technica-4033 microphone
Complete set of Mics
image Yamaha-Rio-3224 Stagebox
Yamaha-Rio-3224 Stagebox
image db-D12 Amplifier
2 x db-D12 Amplifier
image db-C7-Sub
4 x db-C7-Sub Speakers

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PA configurations for conferences and live music events of all sizes are available.