image On set- Green screen
On Set Green Screen - Tony Rokins. Interface UK

Corporate video

A “must have” strategic marketing tool for your business.

We are a corporate video production company based in Wokingham, Berkshire, UK.

We produce cost effective corporate video for use across all your social media platforms. It is a fast, efficient and cost effective way of getting the best ROI for your digital marketing strategy. Engaging with your clients, driving sales and promoting your brand.

Producing a corporate video, that tells your story and gets your message across, is of paramount importance to us, so, before a single frame of video has been shot, to get a thorough understanding of your business we listen carefully to you. Then, together, we will establish your needs and requirements, formulate the concept and fix the budget.

Digital Marketing Video

Digital Marketing Video.

Part of the Interface UK project involved filming Tony Rokins, Business Development Manager at Interface UK, explaining the relationship between Interface UK and the suppliers .

Again we used green screen to enable us to integrate motion graphics to illustrate the message. .

Corporate Video

Corporate Video.

We recently had the pleasure of working with Interface UK to produce this short video clip to be used on their web site home page.

Managing Director, Neil Johnstone, was filmed against a green screen which enabled us to integrate motion graphics with the video that enhance the message.

Digital Marketing Video

Digital Marketing Video.

This is an example of a digital marketing video. Peter Smith, of Thames Valley Business Advisors was filmed, against a green screen background, to produce this as Facebook, youTube and Linkedin marketing campaign, designed to drive traffic to the web site, engage clients and promote brand awareness.

Conference Video

Conference Videos are Important.

Video is a great way to archive the message(s) from your keynote speakers and reach a much wider audience than would otherwise be possible.

We produce conference video and supporting motion graphics for you to use on your web site and social media platforms that will suit any budget.

Live Performance Video

Live Performance Video. 

Video on your web site, YouTube channel, Twitter and Facebook page etc, is the perfect way to publicise and promote your talent.

It’s more affordable than you think!

Housing Associations Showreel

Fat Rabbit Video have worked work with many housing associations, producing video content for broadcast on their web sites and across all social media platforms.

Engaging with their audiences, video provides a concise, cost effective and entertaining method of getting the message across.

Getting your message across is our prime objective. A cost effective video with a good ROI our goal. From pre production to the final edit, quality is foremost.

Shooting video against a green screen background allows us to composite video and motion graphics behind the presenter to complement, illustrate and reenforce your message.

Motion graphics are an effective way to enhance and illustrate the message you want to convey to your audience.

They can be used as a stand alone explanation/presentation or, in conjunction with a green screen video, to enhance and illustrate a presentation.

Getting your video seen is an essential part of any video marketing strategy. Video Search Engine Optimisation (VSEO) is vital to achieve high search engine rankings and find your customers. We research your keywords, optimise your video on YouTube and create backlinks.